Photos From Our First Week

Around The Home:

Our stove comes with what is called an ‘eye level grill’. Basically it is a gas burner at the top of the stove and you can grill or toast items up top. This is something that I do not believe is legal in the US.

I wonder what is underneath this plate in our back garden?

The British are soooo subtle!

A neighbor drives a taxi for a living. This is a more modern version of the classic British taxi.

This is our BBQ. Sadly we were unable to get the coals lit, no matter how much lighter fluid we added. We think the coals are just too old. Will buy new ones and try again. The eye level grill instead cooked our steaks.

Around Town:

We all got our library cards. The library is right down the road in town. In my jet lag daze I noticed that the bookends of the shelf in front of me were distinctly British. I checked out the Billy Bragg book.

A huge tome on the history of the Leicester City Foxes, the local Football club. They have been around for over 100 years.

Sheep of all different breeds for auction at the market.

The auctioneer whacked a small stick in his hand against the rail when a bid was over.

This covered area auctioned off sheep and hogs. Another room was full of birds, and yet another full of cattle. This was our first full day in town and the sights and smells were surreal. I will need to go back and take more interesting photos

Visiting Leicester:

Watching women’s mountain biking in the Olympics on the Big Screen in the town centre.

For a moment I thought that Rob Halford of Judas Priest might live here, but then Rebecca said that he might not want to advertise where he lives. I was disappointed to find out she was correct.


6 thoughts on “Photos From Our First Week

  1. Loving the blog! Sounds like the adventures will be many. Curious about those golf courses… you think you’ll get out and play a bit? Also enjoyed the pic of the Leichester (sp?) foxes… Are they hoisting the trophy? The season kicks off soon, time to get your tics. Keep up the blogging!

    • Word on the street is that I should support the Foxes. I would love to get out and play golf, but the kids slow everything down. We did go visit a castle the other day, and we are off to the Robin Hood Festival in Nottingham Forest (duh) this weekend.

  2. Nothing like a good livestock auction to get the blood pumping ! Those coals are probably full of moisture. Should we mail the propane BBQ yet ?

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