“Have Fun Storming The Castle”

Even though it is not one of my favourite films, The Princess Bride seems to stick out in my head a lot whenever we visit a castle.


Apparently six counties are visible from this castle.

Built in the 1500’s and still inhabited by a family with three young children, heirs to the Watson family of olde.

There was a Viking celebration going on the weekend we visited. We had flashbacks of the Robin Hood Festival, seeing more people reenacting the past.

The village Priest moments before he was beheaded.

Vikings battling with the Saxons. Go Vikings!!!

Bi-Planes flying overhead just to remind us that it was 1932, not 1032.

Scary prisoner in the dungeon. The castle itself had a guided tour and we were able to go inside a ‘living’ castle and see not only 400 year old paintings, but current pictures of the family living there. It was a Bank Holiday weekend so it was a little crowded on the grounds. All in all a good day, thought the 45 minute drive was white knuckle at times. Kind of like this prisoner.  The medieval toilet was up the stairs to the left…


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