Rare Breed Indeed

Melton Market recently hosted a Rare Breeds auction.  Of course we were all intrigued to see what was for sale.  At this event the public was allowed to get down onto the floor of the auction to view the animals up close.

An award winning sheep. Lots of animals were awarded ribbons for the quality of the breed before they went to auction.

We ran into some breeders auctioning off their Portland Sheep.  I happened to be wearing my (dated) Portland Beavers T shirt, which drew their attention.  They explained to us that many of the rare breeds here are hundreds, if not thousands, of years old and farmers work very hard to keep the breeds available.  You can buy the animals for your farm, for meat, or for their wool (in the case of the sheep), or all of the above.

We also caught the end of the hog auction.

One big pig. I was afraid to scratch my nose in case the auctioneer thought I was making a bid. This one sold for something like 250 pound sterling.

There was also a large area where fur and feather were being auctioned off.  It was nice that we were able to walk right up to the cages and look at some of these animals, many of which I have never seen before.

Odd ducks indeed.

I thought of Jeb and Keri Steed, my brother and sister in law, who own chickens amongst other animals at their home in Oregon City. There were so many different breeds of chickens for sale here. The Steeds would have liked to have perused the variety.

My Health

I currently have caught my first cold in a long time.  The weather here fluctuates from being sunny and cool, to rainy and cold, to incredibly windy.  I am not used to the British kid germs, and I was advised in Washington DC that I would probably get sick at least once.

The wind can rip across the vale, and since Waltham is at the top of the hill the winds blow across our school very rapidly.  Yesterday was pretty wild wind, but I was told that those winds are normal.  I might need a warmer coat!  The wind, the rain, and the fluctuating temps all contributed to this weekend’s cold.

Today is sunny with a slight breeze, and there is a Beer Festival being held at the Market which began yesterday and ends today.  Last night my neighborhood finally fell asleep around 4am.  Either my neighbors work swing shifts somewhere, or they were all out at the Festival last night and wanted the party to continue all night long.  Did not help my cold.


3 thoughts on “Rare Breed Indeed

    • I actually have seen three badgers—all dead and on the side of the road. And one dead fox. Definitely NOT animals we see by the roadside in Oregon. No hedgehogs yet, but I am looking forward to seeing one.

  1. Your posts are so special. My exchange (68-69) was in a city public school called St. Dustans. Your postings bring back many memories.

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