Bits ‘n Bobs

I don’t really have a lot to talk about on one subject, but I can share a little bit about a lot of subjects.  So, in this post you will find photos and quips about what has been going on over the past weeks here in England.

Cricket at Edgerton Park

These three photos are taken from a Cricket match we attended. One of my co-workers, Kaye, her husband plays on a Cricket team and this was the final match of the season. We picnicked on one of the last really warm days of the year. A very British scene with the church steeple in the background.  We hung out with Kaye’s family and other families associated with the Cricket players.  We had a great time.


Zachary plays football for the Mowbray Rangers FC.  This was his first game.  He was given the honour of captain (notice armband), and played striker.  His team lost 9-0!  First game he had really lost in about two years of playing soccer in Portland.  The other team was incredibly good.  The footwork that players here have developed far surpasses anything I saw on his US clubs.  He was pretty unhappy to lose such a tough game, and vows to score next time. He had about four shots on goal.  Their league  plays 7 v 7, and the goalies are in real goals, and there is a real referee in a ref kit with a whistle.  Dads and Mums don’t run the games.  A huge step up from what we are used to.


Signs in England are fun to try and interpret.  The first sign is still under debate in our household as to what it is really asking pregnant women to do.

How UN-hygienic are pregnant women?

You can eat and buy a coat from this vendor, right?

Twin Lakes Amusement Park

We went to this place, right outside of Melton, for Zachary’s birthday.  A fun afternoon, though the rides are pretty simple.  Kids loved it, so that is all that mattered.

There is a birds of prey exhibit here, and we saw a bird show and could take pics of the birds in their cages.

1960’s era British warplane Vulcan flew overhead. This is the last of its kind, the only of its kind left, and it is housed nearby in Leicester. Occasionally it takes flights we were told. Very loud and very impressive when it suddenly flew overhead.

Happy 8th birthday Zachary!

Canal Walk

We took a 4 mile hike around a series of canals and through farmlands, all on public footpaths.  We found a book at the library that has a list of these walks, but the catch is they all start and finish at various pubs.  We went south to Cossington, ate at a pub, and took this walk.

The locks on these canals have to be manually opened and closed. As we admired this lock a canal boat showed up and the owners showed us how they work as they went through the lock with their boat. They are a retired couple and use their boat often. Apparently there are hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of canals in England and one can actually rent a canal boat for an extended period of time. We are seriously considering this for next May, renting a canal boat for a week.

Cows on the footpath.

Well the book says that we go through the kissing gate, so ‘when in Rome’.

As with everything in our part of England, there is always a church nearby dating from anywhere between 1100-1400.  This is the church in Cossington.  Since I like history I really enjoy exploring everything that is old around here.


One thought on “Bits ‘n Bobs

  1. Some great shots, Jeff — especially the one of the canal with the boat in background and roses in foreground. Thanks for all this stuff. Good to get to [re]know you after all these years!

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