Feeling The Love

We may be gone, but we are not forgotten.  At least not completely forgotten.  Seems that not all of our emails either make it to the US, or responses from our friends back home don’t make it to the UK.  Comcast must either have some filters or it just does not work that well world wide.  Thus people we write sometimes never respond, and when they do they are wondering why WE are not responding back.  We do have an iPad app that allows us to call the USA for free, but it is through Massachusetts, so if you get a call with a weird number from the East Coast, and the time of day is correct, it just might be us.


We have received some care packages full of wonderful goodies and things from home.  Luckily we are finding that most creature comforts are either available here, or we have found new ones to keep us occupied.

Coffee!!! Thanks to everyone who has sent us some coffee! We do not have a bean grinder, but luckily I was able to borrow one from a colleague at work. She uses it to grind up almonds for tarts. The coffee over here is, at best, OK.  Mostly it is of the instant variety, such as Nescafe.  Tea is the ruling warm beverage of choice. We do like our tea (with milk and sugar), but I enjoy a stiff, black, cup of Joe just a little bit more.

This big box of goodies came from members of my staff back home. The Halloween candy was a real treat, since all of it was a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter! Plus a jar of peanut butter. The British don’t like peanut butter for the most part. I shared the Reese’s Pieces with my staff and they seemed to like it to the point that the bag got consumed, though I ate quite a bit of it. The newspapers were nice to read, the books a real treat and very helpful, and the Halloween decorations made my kids really happy. I will post later about Holidays since there are a lot of things going on in the UK right now, but I don’t have pictures of them all yet. I will say that Halloween here was a minor affair, though we did get about 40 trick or treaters at our doorstep.

Thanks to everyone who is helping us out in all kinds of ways.  You are in our thoughts and conversations more than you think!





One thought on “Feeling The Love

  1. Hi Jeff and family,
    Just want to let you know we’re enjoying your blog very much! We were in Paris, London and Edinburgh with our granddaughter in June, so a lot of what you have to say is reminiscent of our trip. We hope the year turns out to have been a great decision—you can be sure your kids will never forget the wonderful opportunity you’ve given them.
    Love, Joe and Barbara Kresse

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