End of Term 1

My first term teaching has officially ended.  15 weeks in a row, with a week off in the middle.  The term constantly felt like a roller coaster with all the ups, downs, loop-de-loops, and crushing speeds that I could handle.  So, what I have I learned so far? Some lighthearted musings that have come to mind over the past week are listed below.

Just because Fulbright never mentioned it does not mean that it didn’t happen.

Just because Fulbright said it would probably happen does not mean that it did.

Just because I heard that cool British catch phrase or slang on tv or in a movie does not mean that I can use it at school, especially in a classroom!

“Breakfast” is called breakfast. “Lunch” is called dinner or lunch. “Dinner” is called supper, dinner, or tea. One needs to pay attention in conversations when discussing meals

Children should have any television after 9pm strictly monitored, unless you do not mind them seeing full frontal nudity or hearing every swear word under the sun. We can record movies shown on tv and they are all unedited, meaning no need to rent or buy any movies.

The weather here is very similar to Portland, only a bit colder.  We had a cold spell for over a week when it was clear and dry out, yet it averaged about 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

British food is much better than advertised at home. We are all eating quite well and healthy. The British we have entertained in our home find some of our traditional American foods (BBQ, Mexican) “strange”.

Listening to British music whilst I commute makes more sense than any other I have on my ipod.  Some of my favourite music at home just does not sound right over here when driving around the countryside.

Catch phrases shared by Fulbright, such as “Roll with it” and “It is not wrong, it is just different” are spot on and help with my sanity.

I am a very good teacher and deserve to be here.

My friends and family at home miss and love us very much and let us know quite often.



6 thoughts on “End of Term 1

  1. Your posts continue to show your insights and love of teaching. Keep up the good work
    Art Dull
    (68- 69 F.B.Exchange to UK)

  2. The last two remind me of SNL Stuart Smalley’s Daily Affirmations – you were looking at yourself in a mirror when you wrote those, right? Doggone it! People like you. Hope you guys have a good Christmas together! We miss you and wish you were here.

    • Trust me, a good dose of a daily affirmation is needed over here. When it is Christmas time and you are 5,000 miles away from everything you are used to and working in a 150 year old building, a bit of personal affirmation goes a long way!
      BTW I was not looking into a mirror, I was looking into my soul….

      Not really.

      • Oh, I know. I’ve been away for Christmases before and had my share of foreign experiences. It can be a challenge. We had Jen and Josh (Brian and Zoe are sick) and the Morris’ over last night for some food and games. There was a huge hole without you guys here. But next year, you must save the Sunday or Monday before xmas eve to come over and hang!

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