Half, 50%, 1/2, Mid, Median

I have officially hit the mid-point of my school year.  Teachers over here teach, in front of a class, for 190 days.  We also have three inservice days, for a grand total of 193.  I don’t know the number exactly in Portland Public Schools, but I think I only teach in front of students for around 170 days, and we have quite a few more inservice days.

The family has been talking about our journey so far, what is about to come, and what it will be like upon our return.  Coming home to Portland feels very strange and distant.  We are quite used to our current dwelling.  We wear the same combinations of clothes all the time.  The kitchen does its part on a simple level, and we are fine with that.  We are also fine with the tiny refrigerator.  Driving is actually a mindless task, just like in America.  We have acclimatized to Great Britain.  In many ways that is a very good thing, but I know that we will get another dose of culture shock upon our return to the States.

There are a couple things that we DO know we miss:

Pizza.  The pizza over here is not very good.  Funny thing is that our British acquaintances don’t really know what good pizza tastes like.

Outfits: Rebecca and I pined the other night for something different to wear!  We don’t want to spend money on new clothes, and I am all ready to actually leave some of my current outfits behind since I tire of wearing them.  It will be nice to wear a different pair of trousers.  The shorts I brought were only good for about one month, and now they take up space in my dresser.

Neighborhood: We really miss our neighborhood and all our neighbors/friends that live there.  Our outdoor space here is limited, and small, and not ours.  We upkeep it, but are not planning on changing a thing. My chiminea fire pit, back and front porches to sit on, and living on a level road are all things we miss.

Friends/Family: Luckily the internet age makes us feel like we are a click away from our friends and family, but we also know that they are so far away. Being here has actually brought our own family much closer together, since we live tight-knit and spend all our free time doing things as a family.

Other than a few other small things, we are well sorted.  Halfway done with the school year, about halfway done with this adventure.  There are days when I want to go home now, and there are days that I do not want to end.  This experience is wild, surreal, difficult, amazing, silly, etc…all wrapped up together.

Bradgate Park.  The monument is called Old John, built in 1784.  We are at one of the highest points in Leicestershire, about 690 feet.

Bradgate Park. The monument is called Old John, built in 1784. We are at one of the highest points in Leicestershire, about 690 feet.

Looking southeast across Leicestershire.

Looking southeast across Leicestershire.


4 thoughts on “Half, 50%, 1/2, Mid, Median

  1. I was just thinking last night about your return while I was putting birthdays on the calendar and wondering if you guys will be back for Rebecca’s bday (it’s the same as Griffin’s) The next half is going to go so fast! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and know that you all are missed enormously! The auction is coming up and no one on the 2 5 really wants to go because you two won’t be there. Also, I’m having my 45 party but it just won’t be the same without you, your vinyl and musical knowledge. Thinking of you!

  2. Nice reading, as usual. Hopefully, you’ll give some kind of community presentation when you return?

    • That is up to the PTA, Andrea, and the district. I don’t even think Carole Smith knows I am over here! Of course I would give some sort of presentation. Already thinking of it. Also, it would be nice to Skype with the school on a first Friday assembly. Just missed February.


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