Horses, Popes, and Meteors…Oh My!!!

In Ireland it was difficult to get internet access, and the tv was never more than about six channels, but whenever we did check in on world news it was focused on three things

Finding out that horse meat is in a measurable percentage of minced beef products in England, including hot school dinners!!!

The Pope deciding to resign!!!

And a meteor crashes to Earth in Russia!

At this point, back home, the only news that continues to brew is the horse meat scandal.  Seems that more equine bits and bobs are found daily in British meat products (albeit frozen ones, which we avoid).  Locals mentioned that a couple of years ago it was hoof and mouth disease which affected British beef, and before that was Mad Cow disease.  When we first arrived we saw that sold alongside British Beef was Irish and Scottish beef in the grocery store.  The latter cost more, but I assumed that was partly due to it traveling a wee bit farther.

Luckily we monitor our diets and choose just to eat horse meat instead of hoping it is blended into our minced beef!


One thought on “Horses, Popes, and Meteors…Oh My!!!

  1. Ah Jeff,”to eat at all is such a foolish thing”. A line from one of my Father’s poems.
    “Now eating Huckle Berry pie, that’s a pleasant way to die. And when you eat banana fritters every undertaker titters, as they know you’ll be with them bye and bye. To eat at all is such a foolish thing”. Drink up!! Jim

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