Choral Performance

Last week my class participated in a Vale Choral Concert.  Mrs. Ramshaw came to our classroom twice to practice a myriad of songs, all of them in foreign languages.  She was supposed to come three times, but swimming took up one of her appearances.  That meant that we had to find time to practice the tunes a bit more.  Let me tell you, when the kids came up to me wanting to know how to pronounce the Gaelic, Welsh, or Ghanian words I just shrugged my shoulders and turned up the CD with the tunes on it.  Well, to say the least, we were not so great in class.

At the practice performance, most of my class and the other classes were not that great either.  It was The Performance or bust.


When it came time to shine everyone was fantastic.  That is my lot in the red jumpers.  I have seen so many musical performances over the years, and it always seems that when it comes to the actual performance the students, whoever they may be, always figure out a way to successfully come together.  I had tears in my eyes as there were NO mistakes the whole night.  My students really made me proud of them on this night.

The schools involved were all Vale Church of England schools.  We were one of the smaller schools, whilst the largest was probably Bottesford Primary.  The show was in Bottesford at Belvoir High School, where many Waltham kids eventually go after Primary.  In England, one is only required to complete an education through the age of 16.  If kids want to continue school after 16 then they will go to a two year school that will prep them for University.  Of course there is a lot of testing done at this point so that the kids have to know what they are getting themselves into.

On the way home after the performance the fog was about as thick as I have ever seen it over here.  My Garmin Satnav was turned up loud and I could not drive faster than 20 mph.  I literally had no idea where I was most of the way home!  I use so many visual tricks when driving here as the signage is not terribly good, but this strategy was useless on this night. When I drove by the Kings Arms pub in Scalford I finally knew where I was, though I have yet to visit this pub (but heard it is a good one).


2 thoughts on “Choral Performance

  1. There are tears in this music-loving grandmother’s eyes, too. What a picture you paint, and oh those young voices! (The teacher deserves a relaxed visit to the King’s Arms. I’m skoaling him tonight from California.) — Travel well, family. / Jackie Pels, grateful for the musings

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