To moan or not to moan

“Stop Moaning!”

People in Britain do not whine or complain.  Instead, they moan.  Growing up I only thought that ghosts moan, but the word means much more in the UK.  Children moan when they do not get their way. Adults moan when their team loses. Teachers moan when the workload never ceases to subside.  I moan over the weather.

Yes, I have kept this blog clean of complaints for the past nine or so months.  I could moan about a number of things, but I have chosen instead to focus on the learning and the positive side of my adventure.  But the weather here is causing me to moan.

The snow has (finally) melted, and spring keeps threatening to rear its head and raise the temperatures, but lately we have the wind affecting everything.  Winds from 40-60 mph blow all day, all night, long.  We can hear pieces of the chimney trickle down and clink on the tiles on our bedroom floor as the wind whips through Melton at night.  All day today the wind howled through Waltham.  Rumour has it that the horses and the children tend to act a little differently when the winds begin to howl.  As I look outside I see that it will be a sunny evening, but the tree outside our home planted in the neighbor’s verge (parking strip), is permanently bent at an 80 degree angle.  Wind here is part of living in the Midlands.

So we have had our share of rain, then the cold weather set in, followed by the snow, and lately it has been the wind.  The British parents I see every day laugh and say that it is what they live with, are used to, and muddle through with each year.  This year is also the coldest and wettest in something like 50 years.  I miss my wool trenchcoat, my leather jacket, and a variety of sweaters (jumpers) to wear to combat these elements. Us Americans are desperately waiting for spring to truly arrive, but I am afraid that we will not see too much of it or summer here, as that has been the trend over the past couple years.

All of this comes with the territory and we are sorted.  I hope that my exchange partner is fully enjoying the weather that Portland offers.  It is probably wetter living in Oregon, but the cold and the wind over here is not something that I am used to.  Soon we will return to summer on the West Coast with plenty of sunshine and the threat of turning the air conditioning on.  Until then I will try and not moan.


3 thoughts on “To moan or not to moan

  1. I also find the wind a downer. We have had “strong winds” the past several days and I cannot stay outside in it. It is like the heat in Bakersfield, if that is all you know you take it with resignation. A nice reference point for your return life in Portland. 🙂 Jim

  2. I never minded the Santa Ana’s that blow across California, but this wind is just nasty. It has teeth and bites hard. The British are quite the resilient folk to deal with it.

  3. Our host at a B&B in Wicklow, Ireland, years ago commented on 68 degrees F, “It’s a scorcher today!”

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