Strange Days

Strange.  Very strange.  I just wrote this post when my browser collapsed, and now I have to re-write it.

Two weeks to go.  Two weeks of teaching and living in England left for us.  Yet I am completely convinced that this is my home.  I know I have a home to go back to in Portland, but sensing that return is suddenly feeling quite strange.

I miss many things back home.  I miss our beautiful bungalow home.  I miss my music collection and my comfy couch.  I miss my quiet street and my backyard.  I miss friends and family.  But at the same time, the shell I have been living in for the past year fits just fine.  Like a hermit crab this home, this life, has adjusted to me and I am sitting satisfied.  But the shell is soon to no longer be mine, and I will return to the one I left behind a year ago.

When it ends here it will be abrupt.  We move out of this home in less than two weeks, then travel for two more before heading home on July 31st.  We are packing our bags, shipping boxes home, and sorting goods such as clothes, games, toys, magazines, and books to give away to our friends over here.  It took us four weeks to prep our home in Portland for our departure, but here we are only taking about two weeks to do the same.  We brought little over to England and will return with the same weight, though the contents will be different.  We also will come home with a change within ourselves.  I am not totally sure what it will look like to our friends, family, and work associates, but we are different.



3 thoughts on “Strange Days

  1. You are sounding like a very wise man Jeff. I continue to marvel at your wonderful experience! Maybe Phyllis and I should move to Europe for a year!! What an adventurous idea! Seems quite out of the question…..but….maybe…. Regards, Jim

  2. Just back ourselves from two weeks in Spain, Jeff. I think part of the “problem” is that you are so much more aware that there is in fact another world out there that does not have “United States” plastered all over it. You’ve picked up an awareness of the existence of a wider world that might be a hard sell to a lot of your friends. Your family, too, may be almost tongue-tied trying to tell the Oregonianians that there are a lot of special people and a lot of special places outside of the state/states’ borders that merit admiration, if not awe. Trouble with travel — it broadens! Best, Bruce the Bald

  3. We look forward to your return, in whatever new form you all have morphed into! Regret we were not able come and visit as originally planned. Thanks so much for all of the effort you have put into your brilliant blog!! Loved the writing. Love the pictures. Enjoy your last few weeks.
    Carol, Jim and Liza Cain

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