Quintessential British Weekend

Last weekend was quite a treat for me.  First, Wimbledon began and was on live every night when I got home from work.  I have kept an eye on Jerzy Janowicz and predict that he will be able to win it all for the men.

Second, the Glastonbury Festival was happening, and due to an obvious partnership with the BBC, big chunks of the festival were shown either live or taped on the telly.  I was able to watch the Arctic Monkeys live on Friday night, and the Rolling Stones on Saturday.  I even caught some snippets of Kenny Rogers, Public Enemy, Primal Scream, and Mumford and Sons.  Did not cost me anything, no need to wear my wellies, and I did not need to retire to a tent to go to sleep.

Lastly, I was invited to play Cricket!  Yes, that Cricket.


My friends Christopher and Bob play in a kind of friendly league on a team with a variety of ages, and I kindly asked them last September if they could afford to allow me to ‘give it a go.’  Now that the season has begun, they invited me to play against Sproxton Village CC.


Christopher was the star of the game, scoring 73 runs and batting for close to two hours.  I played quite well in the field and my teammates cheered me on whilst making some nice defensive plays.  When it came my turn to bat I did not fair so well, scoring 7 though I did hit a 4.  I did not get a chance to bowl because the other team ran out of batters, though we had only played 70 overs in an 80 over game.

Here I am batting.

Here I am batting.

The game lasted only five hours, including our tea break.  Tea included finger sandwiches, scones with jam, baked goods, fruit, and yes, tea.  Afterwards there was a BBQ and a picnic held by SCC.  Gentlemen on my team invited me to play in their next game at the end of this month, but I sadly told them I would be out of the country, working my way home. I think I held my own on this day, and both Christopher and Bob concurred.

As the photos show the weather was gorgeous and I had a wonderful time playing a game I knew nothing about beforehand.  There are games on telly but I find them a bit boring to watch.  I did some research and see that there is a Cricket Club back in Portland, so maybe my playing days are just beginning?


One thought on “Quintessential British Weekend

  1. Way to go! You look great on the pitch, as they say. I can’t believe your year is up! I have loved your posts and enjoy thinking about the overall effect this experience will have on your family. It was last forever in all of your family’s memories.

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